November 24, 2012

Why Children Hate Their Parents: Issues among the Rich Families

Money inherited from the parents has great benefits and inherent wealth to the children.  But something may not be clear regarding the generational riches if the hard-earned money is passed on to the right hands.  Unfortunately, 75% of family business experiences failure to pass the big wealth to the coming generation.  The number for 2nd and 3rd generations makes it even more unsuccessful.  The reason is because children hate their parents for some reasons.

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November 17, 2012

Sex and Children: Where Did I come From?

For sex and children, parents need not to go into every detail about a man and woman relationship.  There is no lovemaking and reproduction explanation in order to answer the question of the child about sex.  A child’s inquiry like “Where did I come from?” is a similar innocent question like “Where did that tall building come from?”

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