October 30, 2012

Stubborn Child: How to Deal with Stubbornness

If a stubborn child acts with anger or does not respond positively in stressful circumstances, parents must take care to let the child understand the bad effects of being stubborn.  Displaying anger to an angry child is very harmful because the child will understand that anger is the right way of expressing dislikes and anxiety.  There are some ways to calm down the child’s behavior when he is becoming stubborn.

Never argue with the stubborn child
It will only worsen the situation.  Don’t scold him either.  Children do not understand the ways of acceptable behaviors and the proper way of overcoming conflicts.  Dedication and patience is the key to open ways in their minds.  When they turn stubborn, observe them and know the factor that makes them feel uncomfortable.  You can remove the child from the place to help him calm down.  Scolding will only make them feel unloved or will crush their spirits. Usually, stubbornness happens as an uncontrollable behavior among kids.  Learning to divert attention or helping them learn ways of avoiding stressful moments will help them a lot.

Be a significant role model
If parents tend to easily get angry on minor problems and often have arguments, then children are likely to do the same and become stubborn.  Parents serve as the child’s first teachers.  Everything the parents do is learned by children.  When they see them reacting with anger instantly, they will have the perception that expressing anger is the right way to face stress.  Parents cannot behave angrily and then expect a stubborn child to act in good manner. 

Lend your ears to them
Please listen to the child rather than attempting to do all your tricks. Most kids have the inborn stubbornness as their trait. Some express it more often while others can just keep it.  Getting more friendly to the kids while they are tensed or angry will alleviate the condition. Talking to them will help them forget their stress.  Kids feel they are unpleasant when parents ignore them. Most of the time, stubbornness is the way of encouraging parent’s attention.  If they feel they have enough importance and attention, a stubborn child can gradually improve.

Understand where the child is coming from

Understanding a stubborn child in every way helps to identify and fix the problem.  In most cases, the stubbornness can be improved with additional techniques and care.  In some cases, children show misbehavior as an abnormal factor.  They must be brought for behavioral conditioning or counseling by a professional.

Being stubborn is natural and parents must have special skills to properly deal with their kids’ obstinacy. Dealing with them without calming them down is hard to do.  Stubbornness is not an abnormal behavior, but a learned mistake.  Kids also experience stress and tensions.  They don’t know the right way to escape from anxiety or release it in the right way.  If emotions are not nurtured appropriately, their stubbornness may become a chronic behavior.  Therefore, identifying this character trait is necessary to help a stubborn child overcome his bad behavior.

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At November 13, 2012 at 5:25 PM , Anonymous Rhys said...

I really enjoyed reading this post. I totally agree with you when it comes to not arguing with a stubborn child, it just makes things worse. Really good sound practical advice. I'm definitely bookmarking this blog.

At November 13, 2012 at 8:12 PM , Blogger Admin said...

When a child throws a tantrum, don't react negatively. Mostly, ignoring them results to resolving the condition rather than entertaining his demands. Thanks, Rhys, for visiting.

At March 15, 2013 at 2:07 AM , Anonymous baby direct said...

Dealing with stubborn child is quite challenging for many parents. Always see your stubborn child in positive manner as your parents. You are always required to identify the level of stubborn and thinks on various ways that how would you going to deal with such situations.

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