May 22, 2012

Why do kids hate vegetables and how to overcome it

why kids hate vegetables

It looks like nature is playing an offensive trick to parents who have kids that hate vegetables.  People know that vegetables are healthy foods, but children seem to find them difficult to like and to eat. Why does it happen? Why do kids hate to eat vegetables? What can parents do to avoid this? 


People developed their distinctive food taste preferences a long, long time ago.  During the prehistoric times, they were at high risk of starving.  Foods that were very sweet and high in fat and calories were seldom to search. Nevertheless, humans did develop the drive to avoid the abundance of vegetables. Then they craved for rare honey sweets, high-fat foods that would help them survive during famines.
Today, little kids can also begin not to hate the taste of vegetables; however, the distinct taste must be acquired by them first.
 Here are two reasons why children hate and dislike the taste of vegetables, and what should parents do to overcome it. 

Vegetables contain low calories

Almost all vegetables have low-calorie contents. Only 25 calories are found in one cup of cauliflower and 1,023 in M&M cup. All people, adults and children, possess the natural drive to eat more fatty and sugary kinds of foods. Kids have the stronger desire to consume more calories because they’re growing up and they need more calories for their bodies.  Research shows that fast growing children love the sweet tasting foods more than the slow growing kids.  No wonder why they prefer to eat overly sweet foods that are not acceptable to adults.     

On the contrary, vegetables are not. Kids hate to eat vegetables because they are low in calorie content. A prehistoric child may not acquire sufficient calories to grow up and to survive if he is full of vegetable foods.
What to do?  Add or mix fats to any kind of vegetables. Olive oil, nut butter, butter, cheese are fats that can help.  If you think you’re worrying about over indulging in fats, bear in mind that kids re required to eat foods with higher fat contents.  Your child needs to have not a slow-fat diet but a medium-fat diet.  Focus on the healthy fats such as olive oil and nuts.  Moms can put balance to low-calorie foods with high-calorie foods and still provide that medium-fat diet to their children.

Vegetables taste bitter

People have the natural instinct to shun foods that taste bitter.  Scientists perceive that the bitter taste can detect a poison taste in our foods.  Most of them are the bitter alkaloids, and that’s the reason why kids hate to eat vegetables.
Children enjoy eating the sweet, salty, and bland foods in their first attempt to eat them.  Foods which are bitter tasting are acquired taste and it takes time for children to get used to it. Remember the ever first time you have tasted beer or coffee?  May be you perceived they were horribly bitter. But three to five times you drank them, you started liking the taste.  You learned through your brain that beer or coffee does not contain poison despite its bitter taste.

What to do?  Your child must acquire the vegetable taste. He must eat vegetables more often.  Offer your child foods with vegetables at least three times each day. Within a year, your child will learn a thousand lessons to acquire the vegetable taste. And the poor child who rarely eats vegetables gets only one hundred lessons to learn.  Most likely, that child wouldn’t learn to love to eat vegetables and continue to hate them.

Why do kids hate vegetables? Most likely they lack the consistent training of parents to model their children. Offer a variety of vegetable foodstuff and don’t give up. Not too soon you child begins to love their taste. Kids will not dislike vegetables for parents who regularly show why and how to eat them!!!


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