April 16, 2012

Super Seven: Best Family Friendly Additions for Your eReader, Android, or iOS Device

Technology is becoming more and more a part of our everyday lives, so much so that most of us depend on it with our cell phones, car GPS, and computers. With our reliance on technical gadgets growing, why not rely on them more for entertainment and education rather than just work or necessity? The following is a list of seven family friendly additions for your tablet device, be it a Kindle, iPad, or eReader: 

1.Kid Mode: Kids Games + Child Lock
(Android & iOS)

This app acts like a “new user” on your computer, only on your tablet. The parent starts by setting up an “account” for each child with his or her name, birth date, and photo. Based on the child’s age, the app will adjust itself to provide age appropriate games, stories, and movies. You also have the option to add your own content. This app has a lot of options which makes it easy to customize it your child’s liking. This app also won

2.Unblock Me
(Android & iOS)

One of the most challenging and entertaining games currently available. The game looks like a classic wooden puzzle, where you must unblock the red puzzle piece to remove it from the screen. However, the pieces in the way will only move in one direction. This game would provide any family member hours of fun as well as challenge their logic without them even realizing it!

3. Draw

This app is multifunctional. This can be used to “write” down quick notes or shopping lists, artistic drawing for entertainment, or even to practice writing for school age children. Not only is the app free, but it is a light app and will not take up much space. Apps such as these are great to keep your child occupied while sitting in the shopping cart, driving to see out-of-town family, or waiting at the doctor’s office.

4.Dinosaur Zoo

This app allows you to own your own zoo and pick which dinosaurs you want to keep. Once you have your zoo set up, you must interact with your dinosaurs; including throwing them food, playing with them, and taking good care of them so that they do not run away! The app also provides fun facts and information about each dinosaur, as well as amazing animation to make the dinosaurs seem lifelike. There is also an option to upgrade and collect more dinosaurs to have a zoo as big or small as you choose!

5. Family Circle

While this is not a game, this is still a great addition to your Android device. This will allow you monthly access to the Family Circlemagazine, without having to buy the paper version or subscribe by mail. How convenient to have a family-friendly magazine right at your fingertips for reading anytime!

6. National Geographic for Kids

This magazine has been a favorite with kids and parents alike since its release. This magazine comes in a PDF format, so it is easily installed onto your Ereader, Android, or iOS device. This is also the entire magazine in digital form, so you won’t miss one bit of fun and learning!

7. Word Rainbow
(Nook eReader)

Trick your kids into learning with this app available for your Nook eReader. This game gives you clues along with chunks of words that you must combine to find the correct word. This can be a great challenge for older kids, but also has different difficulty levels for new readers.

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