February 6, 2012

Stages in Growing Up: From Six to Twelve Years Old

stages in growing up: 6 to 12 years old
During these stages in growing up, children may occasionally demonstrate regression behavior, such as clinging to a parent, demanding special attention, or throwing temper tantrums.  Children of this age are very anxious for peer acceptance and, as a result, try to control their immature behavior at school and in social settings.  As a result, parents and siblings are the targets of their frustration and anger.  These children are no longer predominantly influenced by their families; now teachers and peers play a significant role in their lives.  The social and academic aspects of school also influence a child’s development.

 Children at these stages in growing up, begin to learn about the test abstract ideas, such as being fair or being honest.  At first, they will often expect other people to adhere to such principles, while they bend rules to accommodate themselves.  For example, they might loudly criticize someone caught lying and then, a few minutes later, tell a lie themselves.  This testing of principles helps children learn about acceptable behavior and personal responsibilities.

A child’s fear of failure, at home or at school, can lead to an intense feeling of inferiority and can endanger his or her emotional health.  To avoid this, children must be made to feel accepted and loved by their parents, and the parents should refrain from constant criticism.  Under these circumstances, even when failures do occur, the children can keep their fragile, emerging self-concept from becoming negative or defeatist.

Children in these stages in growing up are often described as argumentative, rebellious, oppositional, irritable with their parents—and affectionate and appreciative.  Their sudden mood swings are not easy for parents to handle and it is a major challenge to remain calm, understand what is happening, and try to deal with it constructively.  Pre-adolescents generally respond well to negotiating as a means of resolving conflict.  Parents who react to misbehavior by letting their children see the logical consequences of their actions help them discover what is fair and why.


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