January 24, 2012

8 Alarming Signs for Parents: Molester’s Pattern on Child Abuse

Molester on child abuse
An abuser or molester is expected to be very witty not to utilize force to his potential victims.  Instead, he might choose to entice a kid little by little.  Child molesters are excellent in disguising themselves. For concerned parents, it’s difficult to pin point adults who may pose a danger to your kid.  So here’s the molester’s pattern on child abuse, and every parent should be cautious about these:

1.  A molester starts off by choosing his target, mostly a kid who looks vulnerable and believing.  Therefore, the child is easy to manage. 

2.  Next, he starts showing the child a special time and attention. He also can win the child’s parents and their trust.  Molesters are usually trained to honestly be interested in the child as well as the family.

3.  Over time, the molester begins planning the child for abuse.  Gradually, he becomes more physically attached to the child: he displays innocent-looking affection, tickling, or playful wrestling. 

4.  The molester may give gifts and start to isolate the child from his siblings, peers, or parents just to have time with the kid alone.  There will be times he will ask the child not to reveal some secrets to anyone especially to parents—probably the gift or some plans to go outside.  Such move sets the stage for making seduction.  

5.  After winning the trust of the child as well as the parents, the molester is well prepared to go on with his pursuit.  Once again, the molester could be subtle only about this, instead of being forceful or violent.

6.  He may likely exploit the kid’s innate curiosity on sex, offering himself as an educator, or even suggesting a special play to do together.  The molester may attempt to show the child some adult materials making such attitude to look normal.

7.  When the molester becomes successful in doing this, he becomes excited to make sure the child won’t tell to anybody about this.  He may employ various tactics such as blame, blackmail, threats, or even a combination of these. 

8.  The molester may tell to the child: “It’s your own fault.  You did not want me to stop.”  He may continue: “If you report to your parents, they will call a police and put me behind bars.” Or he may also tell: “This is a secret between you and me.  Nobody will believe if you tell about it.”  “If your parents will know it, I will harm them.”  There’s no end actually to the deceitful strategies those molesters will do to the poor child.

Sexual abuse on child remains one of the greatest damaging and deceptive problems.  Parents need to be protective on their children about molesters.  It must be their top priority to give security to children.  These tips on molester’s pattern on child abuse will give advance warnings for parents.


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