January 10, 2012

Defiant Kids – How to Control Defiant Children

Controlling Defiant Kid
Why are defiant kids answering you back most of the time?  You can hear and see defiant kids bickering all the time, with their parents or siblings.  What to do with defiant children? What are the keys to controlling defiant kids?  This article will give practical suggestions to help out parents on handling their angry children.

Why are defiant kids always angry?

Defiant children are always frustrated, irritated, angry, and searching for external blame.  They behave under the notion that they possess the same degree of wisdom and authority with parents or adults.  This assumption results to furious interaction with their friend, classmate, or anyone in authority such as troubled parents. 

When a mother or a father resorts to extreme scolding, defiant kids can influence the situation.  Children are able to turn the attention on the behavior of their parents.  Defiant children are branded as uncompromising, aggressive and explosive.  Generally, their parents are afraid to set some certain limits because chaos always follows.   Underlying problems about the defying behavior may come from emotional problems of children due to fights with parents, rejection of friends, traumas, and conflicts with siblings.  The child may demonstrate defiant behavior every now and then, and he may have an Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD).

In general, expert therapists discuss that parents must have thorough understanding about their child’s angry behavior.  The process is to bring every member of the family closely knitted to each other.  Often, nobody can confirm or guarantee the reasons behind the child’s bad behavior. The development of this behavior has something to do with how the child is being raised and disciplined.  The way family members react on the defiant child really matters.

 Members of the Family and the Defiant Children

It will be very hard for all the members of the family to truly understand the condition.  The child possessing a defiant character can generate many troubles for himself, siblings, parents, and to most people interacting with him.   Conversely, a hostile attitude will be a severe problem when displayed frequently every day.    Their behavior is obviously different when compared with other kids of similar age.  The developmental behaviors of defiant kids will potentially affect their academic learning, family, and social life.

It is very useful to have psychotherapy for the family.  This will develop good communication in assisting problem solving.  The approach decreases negativity.  Social skills will upsurge flexibility and will develop disappointment acceptance with peers.

Put end to your child’s defiant behavior.  Stop the bad, misleading behavior and see a child psychiatrist with many years of experience.  Controlling defiant children is actually teaching your kids to experience having more fun.  Parents should display less stress and troubles to control defiant children.

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Good thing read this, most of the time I do those things to my children. Now I know!
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