June 27, 2011

How to Impose Right Discipline to children

Discipline is not a way to keep children controlled, but an approach to keep them practicing the right self-control. Discipline is best acquired through the adult’s and children’s interaction. This interaction is the opportunity for the adults to give guidance and show the role of good models.

One of the hardest areas of bringing up children is discipline. More often, parents come across situations where imposing it is much needed. Sometimes this happens every few hours. But what kind of attitude parents have toward disciplining their kids will result to the family’s emotional condition.

Your approach  and the way how you carry this everyday leaves tremendous impact to the young people. It influences how children should eventually think and feel about themselves.  Therefore, it’s worth putting your energy and time to make this approach effective.

Goal of Discipline

Basically, there is a simple question on this: What is the purpose of imposing discipline to your kids? As parents, you should know what it is you want to achieve. What do you need to plan in order to get there?

As children become dependent on their own attitude or internal controls, these young people start developing self-discipline. It is hard to agree with them about the behavior they may have developed, especially if it's not what the adults like. However, parents should help them see, in a loving way, what kind of manners their offspring should build up.

Punishment as Discipline

Is using punishment proper to discipline or to change children’s unpleasant behavior? Is it really good doing it? Certainly, parents use this because they desire their kids to change for the better. This is to help them move from bad to proper self-controlled interactions.

Normally, punishment consists of adults imposing something on their kids. There is an attempt to put into effect strict and established family rules. This is a kind of counterproductive style. This will encourage children to test the limits, while behind the parents’ backs, they break these rules.

Punishment will make children behave properly when parents are around. Kids want to keep away from being punished because they fear the consequence if they act badly.  However, when away from their parents, they may pursue the inappropriate behavior.

It doesn't help punishing children to acquire proper discipline.  What they need is clear understanding of what right and bad behavior is.  Discipline is educating and training them, and not punishing. The best demonstration is to display the kind of attitude we parents  want our children copy from us.  By doing it everyday, in words and deeds, we are sure we're giving them the best discipline they need.

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      At July 8, 2011 at 7:12 AM , Anonymous Rhys Klu said...

      I totally agree with this article. The way in which discipline is administered today has greatly changed from generation to generation. Some parents that grew up with Corporal punishment believe it is acceptable to use because it stopped them from misbehaving. Times have changed since then and Corporal punishment is no longer an acceptable form of discipline to administer. Recent studies have shown that it is actually detrimental to the well – being of the child and can lead to low self – esteem.

      At July 8, 2011 at 10:13 PM , Blogger Glenn Silvestre said...

      You're right, Rhys. It's not really a Corporal punishment or any form of punishment that can change children's misbehavior. They act wrongly because adults misbehave, too. They don't know how to do wrong unless they are exposed to wrong attitudes. Unfortunately, it's always the children who are blamed and suffer the consequence. What parents need to do is to show the kind of behavior they want their kids to copy. Discipline is easy if adults only know how to handle things correctly.

      At May 4, 2018 at 10:35 AM , Blogger Sophia Baker said...

      I think the more disturbing the behavior of a child, is the more in pain and the child in need of our love, care and understanding.

      At June 3, 2018 at 4:07 PM , Blogger alex amarxon said...

      Do you fly off the handle and yell or throw things? If so, how can you expect fighting siblings to behave differently? We need to be good role models for fighting siblings, and lead by example. double jogging stroller


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