June 17, 2011

6 Tips to Promoting Child’s Self-Dependence

Child's self-dependence is to be learned at a very young age.  Starting from the stage of infancy, little children understand that they can have the impact on the big world that surrounds them.  Generally, when a baby cries out loud, a parent immediately responds.  When he stretches his one arm then he is supported.  His one contagious smile gives birth to a similar smile.  There are lots of small things that train an infant about life and living.  Autonomy will assist a child to turn out to be a unique human being, entirely different and separated from the others.

Concerned parents give the importance on how to teach them attain autonomy.  Being a child, autonomy or self-dependence is something that provides the basic needs in order to grow up independently.  This means having the capacity to do something and responds accordingly to the world—a general sensitivity of self-reliance. 

This process will recommend many ways to motivate children in their every day routine: taking a bath, eating, playing, sleeping, and getting dressed to name a few.  For us, it may look simple when they do these things; however, every achievement will assist them in controlling the more difficult tests they will confront in life soon. 

You may find these tips practically helpful to stimulate child's self-dependence:

1.   Children do learn to understand what being competent is if parents don’t miss to supply the necessary opportunities to grow autonomously.

2.   Parents should feel inwardly if their child is prepared enough for a new responsibility. 

3.   Keeping the child motivated in attempting to do something long before he or she is prepared is not good.  It only robs the child of the enjoyment of overcoming a difficulty or challenge.

4.   Being independent makes children addictive.  The greater the responsibility they can cope with, the more they desire to assume.

5.   The benefit of giving children the responsibility is the ability to view their lives in a succession of great challenges.

6.   In case you see them is improving well, refrain from helping or doing the task for them.  Young children cannot find any mastery without receiving enough time to progress on what they are working on.

Autonomy is more than just increasing one’s childhood experiences.  This is a character trait that needs development during the child’s formative years.  It is also the way to achieve self-confidence to do specific tasks and not to rob the time of others for help.  Through the child's self-dependence, he learns to reasonably detach from his parents and to help avoid his reliance to others.

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