December 26, 2011

Warning Symptoms and Physical Signs of Sexual Abuse or Incest

Seek for immediate medical treatment if you observe any of the following warning symptoms and physical signs of physical abuse or incest on your child.  Discuss with the physician, share the problems with them. Get a report from the doctor should there be physical evidence of incest or sexual abuse.

Incest physical warning signs could demonstrate the following:
   1.   Rectal pain, discharge, swelling, itching, and bleeding.
   2.   Vaginal pain.
   3.   Difficulty in swallowing, urinating or bowel movements.

   4.   Headaches or stomach pains.
   5.   Infections of the body’s private parts.
   6.   Cannot sit or walk comfortably.
   7.   Recurring attempts to leave the house.
   8.   Promiscuity and / or prostitution.

Behavioral signs accompanied by sexual abuse or incest include:
   1.   Irregular eating like biting, hair pulling or cutting.
   2.   Severe behavioral changes and disorders.
   3.   Lacking self-worth accompanied with poor human interactions.
   4.   Childish attitude like bedwetting, screaming, or thumb sucking.
   5.   Fear of night or dark, sleeplessness, or repetitive nightmares.
   6.   Extremely frightened by a specific person.
   7.   Uncommon knowledge about sexual matters.
   8.   Grades continue to get low.
   9.   Telling lies most of the time.
  10.  Displaying signs of depression.

It’s so significant to remember that these signs of sexual abuse or incest can also be common problems.  Some of these symptoms could be the cause of traumatic experiences and not essentially incest. Neither could they be warning signs of sickness like depression.  Others remain red flag signs of sexual abuse or incest in the family.

The above signs must get the attention of the concerned parent.  What should a parent do to help the child?

   1.   An initial effective move is to talk to the child. 
   2.   Give the child more time to talk and interact with you.
   3.   Be more interested; always ask further questions.
   4.   Let the child feel your genuine support and love.
   5.   Make her feel you’re there to make her strong, confident, and happy.
   6.   No matter what happens, assure your continual love.
   7.   Increase your discussion with peers, counselors and teachers.
   8.   Figure out the child’s activities, friends, and people she spends time with.

If you feel there is an on-going incest or physical sexual abuse in your home, you suspect a certain individual as the perpetrator.  Contact one of the crisis or child abuse centers in your local area.  Give your concerns to an advocate.  Their advice on sexual abuse or incest could be effective and helpful.

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