December 2, 2011

Tantrum: 6 Quick Ways to Handle a Full-Blown Temper Tantrum

No matter how much you try to escape from a child’s temper tantrum, know that this will always be a challenge of your parenting life—to handle a full-blown tantrum.  What significant steps will you do to children in the midst of tantrums, especially when you’re feeling helpless? 

Here are six ways to quickly handle a full-blown tantrum:
1.   Ignore the outburst.  The major mistake parents do is helping their children work through their temper tantrums.  Attitude connected with tantrums must not be tolerated by you nor the members of the family.  To handle a full-blown tantrum, you’re not supposed to relax and watch your child scream and throw things anywhere.  Parents must understand that when the challenge begins, the kid needs to be secluded from the other members of the family. Finding a secured place for him to be alone and handle his tantrum is much better.  Wait till the temper tantrum gets over. The child may feel sad or embarrassed afterwards.
2.   Take charge of the condition.  Temper tantrum is a warning sign that children are thoroughly out of control and helpless to put right the circumstances.  Though parents may appear helpless, but still to handle a full-blown tantrum is within their control. To handle tantrums in public, gently say to your child that you’re leaving, although the shopping is not yet done.  Children must understand their parents’ capability to control temper tantrums, if kids are not able to do it for themselves. 
3.   Let the child know the value of the word “NO.”  Do not waffle if the child is acting up just to avoid being confronted.  Kids are very smart; they know basically what they want and how to get it.  Tantrum for them is the key to getting anything they like. When the kid is fully controlled by temper tantrum, tell him with authority: “You cannot have all things you want.”  Next, isolate the child by removing him from that condition until he has calmed down. Always remember to be consistent and firm in your words.  Later they will realize that acting with temper tantrum is not effective in getting what they want.
4.   Be calm.  Do not hold, punish, push or laugh at your child if you want to handle a full-blown temper tantrum.  Displaying tantrums mean your child is totally out of control.  The best thing to handle a full-blown tantrum is this: do not get involved with it or else the situation will turn worse.  You might say, “I will help you, as soon as you have calmed down.”  And then pay no attention to his screaming, although you may feel furious and out of control also.  Take note that your kid needs the patience, support and enough time to pacify himself.
5.   Don’t punish the child. It is not helpful in any way if a parent gives lecture, spank, reprimand, or threat to handle a full-blown tantrum.  Often, children forget how they started the tantrum.  They are afraid of their feelings and actions and gaining control is hard for them.  Yelling at them or spanking only adds insult to injury, making them more frightened. 
6. When he calms down, sympathize with him.  It’s important to know your child has calmed down without the help of others.  This is the important lesson for kids to learn: they’re able to handle and control their emotions. Tell how his ability pleases you very much. You can say, “You were very angry but I feel glad that you have calmed down.”  Talking about his emotions afterwards can also help a lot.
Temper tantrums are very hard to face for you as parents.  Mostly, you are left with the feelings of exhaustion, guilt, sadness and anger.  Though it may be difficult, keep your composure and never give up.  Children need to be instructed and trained by parents.   They need to be taught about things on how to handle a full-blown tantrum, right discipline and control over their strong emotions. 

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At December 6, 2011 at 9:01 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

super like!

At December 7, 2011 at 1:10 AM , Blogger Admin said...

Thank you very much! Hope you can navigate this blog and read further.

At October 8, 2012 at 7:08 AM , Anonymous Tantrums said...

I have 2 child they both got tantrums I can't handle good thing I come with this post. What I do is I just keep them doing whenever it comes and explain afterward that I don't like it.


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