November 8, 2011

Educating and Teaching Responsibility to Your Kids

      Every parent wants his or her children to learn the virtue of being responsible.  We’ve always wanted our kids to be trained in making wise decisions.  Later in life, we want them to grow up responsible for their deeds and keep living as mature people. 

      Are parents good enough to teach children on responsibility by doing household chores?  Tasks at home are important to building up responsible children. But what about being trained and learn to be accountable for their own deeds?  How are parents at taking charge for their actions?  Do parents offer opportunities to disappoint children instead of making them driven and responsible? These things happen in every corner of a home.

      Children start valuing themselves as family members the moment they are able to make simple contributions.  Although very young, they can already begin to hang their own clothes, keep their toys inside a big bin, help mop the floor, fold the laundry, or wash the dishes.  For each stage and age level, a parent can increase their children's tasks in order for the latter to become more responsible.  Added work should be appropriate to their age.

      If parents practice discipline that results to logical consequences, they’re actually training the child to be in authority over their behavior.  In contrast, it seldom works when a child always receives nagging, reprimand, or punishment.  If they are exposed to these things, children won’t learn the sense of responsibility.  The conditions will only terrify the child.  The repercussion is a neglected trust and respect between parents and children.  Remember, one of our major jobs as parents is to train children and make them responsible for their  activities.
     You can try giving lots of opportunities for them to understand what responsibility is.  The life core of a person is about choices.  Though toddlers may look too young too make choices, 1 or 2 entrusted responsibilities can make a big difference.  Like mature people, children must live according to the costs of their decisions.  Whether they do well or make mistakes, still the experience promotes respect and self-worth.

      More often than not, parents always mingle with the activities of the children.  They take most of the troubles where in fact it’s the children who personally own the problem.  Parents are more overwhelmed about uncompleted homework.  If we gradually detach ourselves from them, we’re teaching them to be responsible for whatever they do.  We can support them by showing our faith that they can handle difficulties.  

  Guidance and backing up are great to offer.  We may ask: “What would happen if you can’t get the homework done?” “What would you do now since you didn’t meet the requirement?”  However, always be there to uphold them when their attempts fail to work.  

      How are you at measuring your children's ability to handle strong responsibilities?  How quick are you to put blame on them?  Do you take rights for your part in the problem?  Children are taught only to be victimized; they never learn that they are the ones to take charge of what’s happening.  But a real responsible person faces the challenges to change things instead of passing faults to others.   

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