November 27, 2011

Symptoms of Computer and Video Games Addiction

Children who have experienced video games addiction understand that this is real and happening.  There are confirmations that all ages (especially teens and pre-teens) are confronted with real consequences associated with addiction when using computers and video games.

What are the symptoms of video games addiction for your children?

1.  During non-school hours, kids are always playing video games or using computer.
2.  Feeling sleepy inside the class room.
3.  Can’t do regular school assignments.
4.  Grades continue to become worse.
5.  Telling lies about using computer and playing video games.
6.  Feeling annoyed when missing the opportunity of playing video games.
7.  Prefer to use computer rather than interacting with family members and peers.

Video Games Addiction and the Physical Signs:

1.  Lack of sleep
2.  Pain on neck and back
3.  Tired and dried eyes
4.  Missing regular meals
5.  Regular stress injuries
6.  Lack of care for the body

Survey for Video Games Addiction:

These statements can help you identify if your children have addiction to computer and video games. If you agree with the sentences below, please answer them with “yes.”

  My child is very happy when playing video games.
  My child becomes ill-tempered if not playing.
  My child displays tantrum when told to stop playing games.
  My child longs for more time to play.
  More of his time is used for playing games.
  He keeps thinking about games.
  Most of his friends are on-line peers.
  His friends are also addictive game players.
  Likes using computer or play video games more than spending time with friends and family.
  He neglects household chores, and school assignments.
  He attempts to cut back on playing, but he cannot.
  My child plays more and more than what’s planned.
  He finds it difficult to quit playing.
  More often, he tells lies about playing time.
  He uses the computer late at night or before going to school.
  Twenty-hours a week is not enough to play.
  He regularly argues about the time spent in playing games.
  He keeps on playing even if he is scolded.

If most of your answers are “yes,” video games addiction could be what your children are experiencing now.

Playing games is a good pastime to entertain your children’s free time. The problem with video games addiction is not really in playing games.  The addiction comes when children play games all the time at the expense of the significant things in life.  Get some tips and guidelines in order to make your children’s computer and video games addiction not a form of hook but a time to get entertained.

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At January 7, 2014 at 2:35 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think my son is addicted to PC games. I'm not sure since a lot of his friends play with him online when they get home. He also wanted a gaming laptop but I knew he'd be stuck playing for a very long time. Is there any advice on how to steer kids away from video games?

At November 6, 2014 at 5:07 AM , Blogger albina N muro said...

These statements can help you identify if your children have addiction to computer and video games. If you agree with the sentences below, please answer them with “yes.” archeage accounts

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