December 10, 2011

Tips When Kids Want Electronic Gadgets

It’s never ending; kids always want to get electronic gadgets. They want you to buy them video games and the latest gadget player. They want to get involved in the community of on-line gaming with fees to pay every month.  Your kids wish to buy a mobile phone with the newest features. They want to use a computer, tablet, or laptop.  The list of electronic gadgets your kids want to buy just keeps on coming.  How would parents cope up with the advanced technology? How to distinguish which electronic gadgets can help or not?

Tips for Parents

1.   Accept the reality that with today’s fresher generation, children will always want electronic gadgets to make things different in their lives. Lots of parents believe that mobile phones are a “WANT,” while most teens resist and assert that mobile phones are a necessity.  Be consciously aware about these pressures. Parents should work harmoniously with their children rather than against them.  Remember, there has never been any greater technological selection of electronic gadgets than today.

2.   Make balanced technological wishes of family members.  Do you have sufficient cash to buy a computer for everybody to have access on it?  If this is so, make an effective schedule time to use the computer for all family members to benefit.  If purchasing a computer is not affordable better search for shops where to rent computers at low cost.    

3.   Make an encouragement to members of the family to communicate with relatives and extended family using electronic gadgets.  Mobile phones, email, or texting can make the communication easier.  But there's a caution when using these electronic gadgets: kids should not use them to strangers. 

4.   Be truthful and realistic.  Although kids want electronic gadgets, buy only what is affordable and what can your child contribute.  It’s a lesson to learn for kids to save money in order to buy something they need.

5.   The number of hours in front of a TV or computer should be limited.  What do experts recommend and vouch for? No more than 2 hours every day for kids to watch the television, play video games, use the computer, or listen to MP3s.   

Parents with Children from birth to 5 years old

1.   Although kids want electronic gadgets, they should not have technological access to certain gadgets until they are 2 or 3 years of age.  As much as possible, always keep gadgets or technology outside their reach.  Still the most important thing to do is playing around.

2.   Lots of parents present the television to young kids to avoid tantrums especially during rush hours. If this is so, then pick only what is appropriate, helpful and educational.  Choose child-friendly TV shows. Keep a monitoring routine and limit the number of hours as much as possible to two hours only.

3.   Almost all pre-schoolers would ask for hand-held electronic video games. Understand that games virtually require reading skills for children that pre-schoolers don’t yet develop.  However, if you wish to buy video games for them, get one with early childhood (EC) rate.

4.   It is a must that parents of today’s generation should join their children’s use of electronic gadgets and technology.  Join them while watching TV, be their companion when playing video games.  Because kids always want electronic gadgets, introduce ones that are only constructive to their learning.

Technology will always be an inescapable part of kids’ lives—kids who want electronic gadgets. While children love to get and own gadgets for themselves, it is still up to the parents whether or not to buy video games, cell phones, computer or any electronic gadgets for their kids' best interest. 

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