January 7, 2012

Morning Blues: How to Overcome Difficulty in Walking Up (For School)

Morning blues: Overcoming difficulty in waking up.
It is very hard to get my 7-year-old daughter up early in time morning for her school.  Each morning I enter into her room, open the windows for her and tell, “it’s time to get up. Good morning, Stephany,” and then remove her blanket.  She would ignore my words, push me away, groan, and return to sleep.  Every day of the morning starts this way and she cries if she gets forced to get up.  It takes me a lot of pressures and annoyance even before I can send her to school. Please help.  
Sometimes parents don’t realize how difficult it is for children and everybody to end sleep that quickly.  It’s very comfortable bending under those bed covers especially in the morning.  Your approach of early-morning wake up seems not that effective.  

What is suggested is this: One evening, let your daughter see a wrapped box package prepared for her before going to bed.  You may label the card, “For a responsible girl who now becomes a person in charge of herself.”  Just inside the box is her alarm clock.  It’s better if you can provide her a clock radio.  This clock orders her to gradually open her eyes and consciousness making her fully awake because of the sound.   

Music will serve as her way of disturbing her sleep, far better that the morning voice of a mother.  Make her understand that the moment her alarm clock stops, it’s time for her to leave her bed and prepare for school.  Make her a responsible daughter; let her feel how proud she is for being able to handle such vital responsibility.

Implications made are sometimes intended to motivate the decision of day-to-day habits that require a change by possibly applying solutions.  First is to identify the root cause for sleep interruption and to find appropriate solution is so important.  If there is a situation when parents get controlled by kids, there’s a need to set up for firm and yet loving limitations for the children.  

It is highly recommended that children should understand to work hand in hand with their parents for a positive resolution.  Children should feel responsible enough for some needs that they themselves must take.

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