January 16, 2012

Improving Parenting Skills on Modern Time

Improving parenting skills on modern times.
Improving parenting skills is a hot subject matter to talk about.  Everywhere you look at there are blogs, articles, news, and books that promote and criticize parenting.  But what’s really important is this: upgrading parenting skills on modern time.  Parents should make every effort to become better parents. Why is this so?

Reasons why parents must improve their parenting skills:

1.  Parents should follow the flow of the modern generation.
We had great parenting skills, although some were not really great. All these skills were based on yesteryears or old generations.  Those skills used were applicable to their time.  Kids during those years were different also.  Those times were simpler: kids would behave out of fear and parents governed with tough fists.

Compared to this modern generation, kids are entirely different now.  Our children are faced with strong influences, far more extreme than the people we were exposed to.  This modern generation of kids is much quicker, faster and a lot brighter than the previous generations. Kids are very demanding from parents.  While improving parenting skills, kids test and challenge our skills, authority, and knowledge.  The economy has also changed. Family life has been changed. The amount of our job has also changed.

Perhaps one thing that hasn’t changed is the approach we apply in parenting.  Most parents think that punishment is the most effective way to teach children.  We realize, though, that many approaches are modernized now.  Lots of these upgraded methods actually result to better parenting, too.

Computers, gadgets, devices, and technology are updated to recent versions consistently.  As parents, we must do similar thing, especially our parenting skills.  Improving parenting skills make our principles up to date also.  This is to synchronize with the things happening in our children’s lives and the environment they live in. We should be working on the trending life of the present generation.

Improving parenting skills takes advantage of the new technology.  Learn new tips and structure to improve your parenting skills.  Search in the net about modern parenting.  Figure out what supportive guidelines and new approaches to apply to teach your modern children.

2.   Childhood is a test experience for maturity.

Childhood is the phase where experiences are recorded to the subconscious mind that will be recovered later in life.  The misbehavior of a child and how he is disciplined will teach kids things about how this world operates. It will teach him how to survive in the family, how to communicate with others, and who they are.  In short, a childhood life is a trial stage for an adulthood life.

Every parent should understand that it’s not right to reprimand, shout or penalize a kid while learning a different skill.  Parents must know it’s much better to encourage, back up, and train them to succeed.

3. We also need some help.

No parents enjoy having a struggle with their child.  And vice versa, no child wants quarrelling with parents.  Updating and improving your parenting skills in order to stop reacting is confusing.  You do read principles, guidelines, and tips yet they seem to fail you when you apply these. But why?

Parents fail because these are not spread out into smaller steps.  Often, parenting specialists discuss about concepts but fail to talk about the details to implement it.  You’re not told what to be cautious about, the do’s and dont’s, and what will happen if it won’t work.  Parents are required to take every step to improving parenting skills.

Here’s an illustration:  Parents are advised to listen to kids, give them power on a specific situation then employ natural consequences.  That is great! But is the information good enough to control reacting, yelling, criticizing, and punishing?

Parents must understand the essence of active listening and how should it be done.  They should give the right amount of power to a child.  The child, in some extent, should not wind up feeling the he is in charge of the situation.  And parents must see how to use natural consequences instead of punishment.

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