February 2, 2012

Stages in Growing Up: From Birth to 18 Months

Stages in Growing up: from birth to 18 months.
During the early stages in growing up (from birth to 18 months) babies learn to trust their environment and their caretakers when their needs are consistently met.  Babies cry to signal hunger, pain, or discomfort, or when they are overly tired.  When adults meet their needs with attention and affection, babies begin to feel safe in their world.

Babies need the stimulation of movies, music, picture books, colorful objects, simple toys, and a lot of chatters.  But don’t overdo it; they need quiet time, too.  The early months of life are a period of great discovery as babies find their hands, their feet, and other parts of their bodies.  As the stages in growing up continue,  babies experiment with their own sounds and try to imitate the sounds they hear. Eventually, they can imitate the words of others.

Some of the physical milestones of development are sitting, standing, crawling, walking, and throwing things down. As babies begin to move around and discover things to play with, parents are tempted to show them how things work.  Resisting the impulse to teach, allowing children to discover as much as possible on their own is important for their growth and self-esteem.

During these stages in growing up, daily routines provide many opportunities for children to take charge of themselves.  Usually before their first birthday children will be able to feed themselves.  When this happens, parents should present healthy food choices and let the children select what to put into their mouths.

During the first 18 months, it is especially important that children receive encouragement from their parents during these stages in growing up.  They need to feel wanted, appreciated, and loved.  This period of a child’s life is critical in forming a positive foundation for the future. 


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