March 27, 2012

Teaching Children How to Memorize Phone Numbers

In case of an emergency, your child MUST know your home phone number and emergency numbers. It’s easy to put stuff like this off, but it could really end up saving you or your child's life one day. How to teach your child memorize phone numbers?

1.  The Importance of 911
The first number you should teach your child is 911 or the equivalent emergency contact number in your area. You must emphasize that he should never dial this number unless it is an emergency. Ask your child questions to help him learn what constitutes an emergency and what doesn’t. For instance, ask him what he would do if he came home and found that nobody was home. Give the child guided questions, such as, "Would you call the police, or would you call Mom?" You can come up with other questions as well, such as "What would you do if there is a fire?" Hopefully, the child will say that he will go outside of the house and use a trusted neighbor’s phone to call the police. Make sure that the child understands what a crime is and if he calls 911 and it isn't an emergency, the whole family can get in trouble.

2.  Memorization
It is crucial that your child has memorized your home phone number. Begin by having him repeat the first three numbers. Once he has repeated the numbers correctly several times, have him write the numbers on a piece of paper in big block type. To avoid getting bored, allow him to color the numbers in. Once you are sure the child has memorized the first three digits, teach the next four numbers in the same manner. Complete this exercise for all of the numbers that need to be memorized (neighbors, grandparents, police, etc). Keep in mind that cell phones have become less expensive and many children have phones in which they can easily look up any number they need. However, it is still important to have your child memorize these numbers, because if he is ever lost without his phone, it will come in handy.

3. Additional Games
Other ways to teach your child memorize phone numbers is to make up songs. Have the child write the numbers down several times or have him create a story in which the numbers appear along the way. For instance, make up a short melody and then have him sing the melody back. For the storyline, ask the child to create a story in which the numbers you want to memorize appear in order. If he is supposed to memorize the numbers 432, you might start that story at 4th avenue and then have the main character pick up 3 apples at the second store on the right. Be creative and ask your child if he can think of any games to help remember important numbers.
4.  Following Up
To ensure that the child does not forget the numbers, test him every day for a week. After a week has passed, do it again the next week, the following two weeks, and then once a month. Teaching children how to memorize phone numbers is easy. But don’t forget to follow up, or your child will definitely forget all the numbers!

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