April 5, 2012

How to Teach Your Kids Colors

Teaching colors to kids.

Teaching children colors is something that adults just take for granted, but for young children, color is amazing. From the moment babies are born, one of the first things they will notice is colors. In fact, bright colors help babies, toddlers, and young children’s brain development. Regardless of your child’s age, you can always be doing something to help them out in learning colors, so consider these tips, based on how old they are!

1. Babies
Babies are very aware of what is around them. They can’t tell you that they are learning, but they are learning very quickly. A great way to help your baby’s brain develop is by using bright colors in their rooms. Rather than use pastel or neutral colors to decorate the walls, use bright pink, blue, green, or red. Also use bright colors for their bedding. As you hand your baby toys, teach and help them learn the color’s name.

2. Toddlers
Toddlers love to learn colors too! Use mealtime as a time to learn about colors. Talk about the red apples, the purple grapes, and the orange carrots. Teach the toddler and ask them to find the same color somewhere else in the room. Praise your toddler when they see the color again and recognize it. When you go outside for a walk; point out and teach the green trees and blue sky. Show them the colors of cars in the parking lot and see if they know those colors too. Get some books with color themes and read them to the toddler over and over. Teach them to point at the pictures of the book when you say the colors.

3. Preschoolers
Because children learn with all their senses, it is important to find additional ways to teach your kids colors. Teach your preschooler to finger-paint and talk about the colors they are using to make designs on paper. Make up songs to learn their names. Purchase flash cards about colors or make your own from construction paper and teach your toddler what the colors are. Have a toddler group items together that are the same color, such as a green leaf, a green block, and a green apple. You may teach toddlers to begin to see the slight differences in shapes of colors by explaining that one item is a light green and one item is dark green.

4. Kindergarteners
Kindergarteners are still learning about colors. They will probably know all the basic colors and can tell the difference between shades of green or shades of red on their own. Visit a store to buy workbooks in the toy department or teacher section. You can also find worksheets online to print out about colors. In addition, there are computer educational programs about colors for children to use. While at the store, teach the children about colors by helping you to shop. Teach your child to find the red can of tomatoes or the yellow container of mustard. Kindergarteners can also realize that just because something is of a different size, shape, or texture it can still be red. Find items of different sizes, shapes, and textures to help the child of this age to learn this concept. Find some games such as a plastic fishing pole and plastic fish of different colors so your children can fish for different colors of fish. By the end of kindergarten, most children know all of their colors, so perhaps it’s time to break out some paint??

How to teach your kids with colors? Simple, just take the above tips and watch your children grow.  Allow them to enjoy the fun of discovering beautiful colors!

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