May 4, 2012

How to read to a child: tips to successful child reading

Read to a child

Do you notice your child having struggles reading and writing? These tips on how to read to a child will help overcome his strong challenges.  Consequently, he will start enjoying his journey of learning.

1.   A conducive surrounding gives the place.  Get lots of eye-catching magazines and books inside the house—some for the kid, some for you.  Select an area where to read regularly.  Use your favourite bench or porch swing.  Provide a beautiful bookcase for your child. When it’s time to read, get rid of distractions: TV, computer, toys, or gadgets.

2.   Rehearse your unique skills. While reading to a child, use tone and voice inflection that can provide life to what you’re reading.  Share your humor, the grief, the anxiety, or surprises.  Let there be a bit of drama heard in your tone of voice.   

3.   Provide time for laughter.  To read to a child should also make room for other exciting activities.  Share some jokes, fantastic stories, out-of-tune rhymes, and words that sound silly.  Read aloud books with stories of humor that attracts children.

4.   Keep the kids hanging.  Begin with a book, stimulate their interests then discontinue while the excitement is high. It propels the child to ask for more.  Older kids may borrow the book so they can complete reading the story by themselves.

5.   Acknowledge the child’s speed.  Never do too much reading to a child. Five to ten minutes is good enough in the beginning.  Kids in kindergarten have shorter attention span compared to older kids.  Surely you want the kid to have more, not to plead for you to rest.

6.   Train the child to look for information.  When children ask hard questions, be honest in saying “I’m sorry, I do not know it, I will guide you to find out the answer.” It allows you to direct them to other sources in quest for the answer.

7.   Enlarge their thoughts.  Read to a child a beautiful story but hang the story and don’t finish it.  Tell the child to imagine what can happen next. Once a bit discussion is over, read the remaining part aloud.  Better yet, allow the child do the reading for the last part of the story, and then share with you what is learned.

8.   Share the enjoyment to others. Children love to listen to themselves.  Begin recording their voice while reading aloud then share the CDs to loved ones, friends, of fellow children.

9.   Look for response and broaden their horizon.  To read to a child would mean receiving response from him.  Teachers regard it as intellectual capacity.  Allow him to act like one of the characters in the story.  The next days, make a picture, put ideas together, and review the information.  Motivate the child to read some of his favourite books to siblings or share the new knowledge to someone.

10.  Cultivate a growing reporter.  After a park visit, or a journey in zoo, motivate the child to discuss and write about his experience.  Those who can’t write can dictate their exciting stories.  Two to three sentences will be enough.  Encourage him to demonstrate it with an image, then begin to read this to a loved one.  The door is a proper place to show off the craft ability of a child.

Parents should always provide for their sincere approval. When the child shares his reading skills, carefully pay attention and react positively. Your kid is after your approval that’s why they want to please you. Parents’ approval is the major source of strong encouragement. Cultivate the habit to always read to a child; fifteen minutes or less will make the big difference.

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At October 23, 2012 at 12:20 AM , Blogger Viviene Tan said...

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At October 23, 2012 at 6:56 AM , Blogger Admin said...

You're welcome!! Thank you so much for visiting this site.

At March 15, 2013 at 1:55 AM , Anonymous maxi cosi said...

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