December 1, 2012

For Parents: How to Reduce Family Stress

Stress is often connected to the people you love. Although children may not be the cause of your stress, they always feel the effect of it.  What should you do as a parent? Here are some tips on how to reduce family stress:

1.  Air your differences rather than suppressing your anger until you get blowup.  Spouses have the shared responsibilities of looking after their children.

2.  Even for children, they can already share household chores and responsibilities instead of resenting the imbalance.

3.  If family tensions are high, declare a respite to relax and momentarily put the issues aside.

4.  Say yes only if you can and no if you must. You can’t please everyone in the home. But kids have special needs depending on their age, consider also this.

Tension Relievers

1.  Talk it out with your spouse. Avoid bottling things up.  Confide your anxieties to someone trusted like your mate or friend.  Talking your problem out relieves the strain and helps to see your stress in a cleaner light.  Often, you can see what to do about it.

2.  Escape for a while. When things go wrong, don’t just stand there and suffer. This is not the way to solve a problem. Take a walk, hold a book and read, play a game.  Take long enough to reduce family stress, recharge and recover your balance and breath.  You can deal properly with difficulties when you get your composure back.

3.  Work off anger. Although anger gives the temporary relief, this will make you feel guilty and sorry after a while. Rather than lashing out, pitch into some physical activities such as gardening, cleaning, listening to music, etc. Working off anger from you system and cooling off for a couple of days will result to a much better condition to face your problems.

4.  Give in occasionally. If you find yourself getting into frequent fighting with the feelings of being obstinate and defiant, remember that this is how frustrated children behave.  Do calmly and stand your ground on what you think is right.  If you are dead right, it is easier to give in once in a while for your system.

5.  Take one thing at a time. An ordinary load sometimes seems unbearable. Take note that this is just temporary then you can work your way out from it.  Reduce family stress by tackling some of your tasks one at a time, setting aside others.  Once you dispose of these, you will see the remaining is not a terrifying mess.

6.  Do something for others. Rather than worrying about yourself every time, try doing good for others.  You will see that this will take the burden out and offer you great feelings of having done well for other people.

7.  Avoid the “superman” burst. Some people expect too much from themselves and are always stressed by thinking they are not achieving what they should get. No one can perfect all things.  Decide which things you do well while putting your best effort for these. They are apt to be the things you want to do.  Therefore, these can give you greatest satisfaction and reduce your family stress.

8.  Go easy with your criticism.  Expecting too much from your children will leave you frustrated and angry. Everyone has his own imperfections, failures especially children. Rather than being critical, look for the good points and help your children develop these for their own good.

9.  Give your children a break. When children are under stress, they feel they have to get there first—to edge out their parents even for things that are trivial.  Competition between parents and children is contagious, but so is cooperation.  Cooperate with your kids also once in a while.  When you give your children a break, you make things simple for yourself.

10.  Make yourself available.  Many parents feel that they are left behind, rejected, and neglected.  Sometimes they imagine other family members feel this way about them. Instead of shrinking away and withdrawing, make some of the overtures.  Don’t always wait to be asked.

There are many other ways to reduce family stress.  Taking the above tips will almost win your battle when faced with stressful circumstances. 

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