July 27, 2012

Child’s Picky Eating Habits: Tips on How to Manage It

child's picky eating habits
It's difficult to accept child’s picky eating habits. Children couldn’t eat too much food the way adults do.  Kids aged 2 to 4 experience the low-appetite stage for eating. Their bellies are too small to fill in more food because their stomachs are as small as their fist.  If they have eaten a little, that’s sufficient for them.  

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July 8, 2012

Guidelines on Constructive Parenting Skills

Couples who employconstructive parenting skills make use of methodical approaches in modeling behaviors for their offspring.  Through such skills, self-esteem and self-worth are built up among children at their early years of development.  Constructive parenting should be initially established by the parents themselves.  By considering their own behavioral attitudes accordingly, they can anticipate children to follow them and act in like manner.  These skills require constancy, expertise, and readiness to gain knowledge—first for the parents and then the children.  As a result, this know-how parenting ends in higher competence.

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