August 15, 2011

Should Parents Allow Children to use Mobile Phones

Are mobile phones for children a help or a risk?  Is allowing kids to use mobile phones harmless?  Is there a need for parents to allow children to use mobile phones?  While kids can have good benefits, there are also some effects on kids' lives if they own these units.  For some, having mobile phones may cause health problems and effects on their mental and physical health.

Welcome to our Digital World!

As time goes on, a human life’s state consistently changes. Before, cell phones were only used by high class people.  It was regarded as something extravagant. Parents did not allow their children to get mobile phones. Then gradually, average men like vendors or cobblers started to own mobile phones.  Today, even young kids in schools are busy texting and communicating using their phones.  Small kids as young as 7 and 8 years old get their own units of mobile phones.

Nowadays, there are manufacturing companies that design particularly mobile phones targeting young children as their market.  Parents can now let children to own mobile phones to display their favorite cartoon character images.  Businesses do this to capture the attention of kids and then increase profits. Kids have become the target users of the latest mobile phones in this generation!

Effects on Children

For most of the school kids a mobile phone is a status symbol for them among the other peers. The latest and more stylish the mobile phones the better for them as the units add to their prestige among schoolmates and friends. As many parents permit their children to use mobile phones it brings about many unwelcome changes in their way of living. There are many kids who have been obsessed with using mobile phones. They constantly check messages. They spend most of their time on the phone.  And according to studies, keeping in constant contact with people can become addictive.

Health Threats of Mobile Phones on Children

Studies show that mobile phones can only be given to kids who are sixteen years old and above.  Young people below sixteen still don’t need the units as their brains are too sensitive to bear the radiation effects.  Tissues in the brain and body are still developing and radiations may result to cell damage resulting tosevere health issues. Adults also get affected by radiations but it will be more severe in children because of increased radiation absorption levels. Experts also say there is a connection between the use of mobile phone and childhood cancer.

Advice for Parents

There are high chances of misapplications if parents allow children to use mobile phones. Little kids may receive and send unpleasant messages and images.  They may always have access to restricted websites.  We live in an unsafe world where so many terrible incidents happening against our kids. Parents need to ensure safety measures for their children.  They need to warn and keep them aware of the various mobile phone wrongdoings.  At times, it is more likely for kids to get stalked by strangers over the phone.  Parents must take a post-paid connection and check regularly the mobile phone bill.

Although there advantages of kids who use mobile phones, there are more opposing effects to our little children.  But, more and more experts warn the people about the negative and disastrous effects which  mobile phones may bring on the mental and physical health of kids.  Now, is there really a need for parents to allow their children to use mobile phones?  The answer lies on the parents’ decision.

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