July 22, 2011

Is Technology and Internet Giving Risks or Help to Parents & Children

Has the fast development of technology and internet made parenting jobs more difficult or easier?  Are parents and children facing some risks or help?  Does this modern world require some changes in the way we should fulfill our parenting roles?
No doubt, parenting has always been the most challenging of all our endeavors and this will keep continuing through the coming generations. Technology and internet has made the lives of parents and kids in advanced changes along with some risks.  The effects of technology and internet are here to stay.

Some Risks of Technology & Internet
  1. Obviously the rise in technology and internet has left parents and kids with problems and risks of stalking, embarrassment, computer addictions, large  phone and gadget bills.
  2. Young kids become sedentary in life as they fix their eyes on screens.  They have no time playing around and outdoors.  The risks:  they can make kids overweight or sick because of insufficient physical activities.    
  3. While means of communications becomes quicker between parents and kids, there’s no intimacy and personal touch along with it.  Parents’ real expressions of love to children are missing and at risks because they are replaced by gadgets and devices.  
 Some Help of Technology & Internet
  1. Putting aside the risks, technology and internet brings a huge wealth of information to both parents and children.  On the part of students, doing research is just at the tip of their fingers.
  2. Within a family, the networking sites have given parents the insights about where their children go and what they do.  With the help of technology and internet parents can discover what their kids are discussing about and who they are talking to.
  3. Kids with divorced parents enjoy the advantages of keeping in touch via texting or Facebook.  This medium of technology and internet is a comforting way to relieve the pain caused by divorce.
  4. Long distance calls in Skype have made it easier for divorced couples to make connections as well as for their kids.
  5. Parents need to educate themselves about the on-line risks  while monitoring their kids' activities.  Parents need to encourage kids to take advantage of  this technology for best benefits but be cautious about the risks.
Often, the things in life that bring us joy may become dangerous with risks if done in unhelpful manners.  There is so much to gain from this online world and the developments of the present age.  Parents need to educate kids to prevent the risks, misuse and overuse of this technology and internet.
In this present time, what are your positive and negative experiences when it comes to parenting associated with technology and internet?  This digital time has already begun with some help and risks and these will go on to change our lives continuously as parents.
How do you think about it?  Is technology and internet giving you more risks than help for your family?  Is it more beneficial to parents and children or not?  Personally, you can answer these by taking time to think about the risks and effects of technology and internet in your own life.
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