July 7, 2011

Parents on Facebook: Can Kid’s Accept Them as “Friends”

While technology and Internet make more parents sign up daily, more children shy away at the idea of adding a parent as a “friend” on their Facebook account.   In this present day, more have formed support communities to use this new trend of social networking. If your child is 21 years old, accepting a mom or a dad on Facebook is probably to lower his or her calmness quotient.  You become a Big Brother, and your kid’s friends will perhaps edit their messages and images.  They’re afraid of being viewed and criticized.

This is the problem going on in your child's brain when a friend request from mom or dad pops up. Accepting parents would mean danger of being separated by their peers.  Ignoring them means there’s a threat of getting grounded.

Parent's DO's and DON'T's on Facebook

1.   Make a close relationship with the kid.  The most horrible thing you can make is surprise attack your child.  Discuss with your kid about Facebook prior to signing up.  Know how they would feel about being your friend.  Put up some limitations like not writing on their Facebook wall which could cause any embarassment. 

2.   Ask your child to assist you set up your account.  This becomes a quality bonding time for both of you.  Normally, the younger the kids, the more they know about technology and internet.  Not only it benefits the parents, it also gives a way of becoming a friend on your kid’s network.

3.   Never get hurt by denial.  If your child says he’s not comfortable to accept you, then make efforts to be brave.  This won’t be the last part of the world, though.  Trusting your kids allows them personal privacy.  If they accept parents, children may feel like having them listening to their phone calls.  It is simply uncomfortable although other children never mind it at all. The rejection may hurt, but you still can connect in other ways.

4.   Realize some restrictions.  In short, if your child accepts you as a friend, don't automatically think you now know everything about him.  Facebook lets users to restrict some images and messages. You may be both friends, but some images and videos may be restricted and you can’t see all the crazy and wild messages.

5.   Create a network with your friends.  Try also to connect with your friends.  Facebook has a search engine where you can easily find long-lost friends.  Just type their names or email address.   Warning: this is extremely addictive.  You’ll see yourself trying to recall the name of your 6th grade friend. It’s great when your "friend" request is accepted. Facebook is indeed a social networking site for you.

6.   Monitor children's activity in the internet.  This is an across the board application, not only on Facebook.  For tweens, it's recommemded to put the computer in an open area where you can view their internet activities.  They can lock you out from knowing everything they have on Facebook, but you can see in their monitors how they work online.

In this generation, Facebook is a great social networking site for you and your children.  But don't anticipate for it to progress much your relationship.  Use this latest technology and internet to connect with your friends on Facebook.   As for connecting with your children, save that for every day activities with them!

Parents on Facebook: Can Kid’s Accept Them as “Friends”  is a post on  Modern Parenting Tips: Styles & Approach to Train & Discipline Children

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