June 30, 2011

Facebook & Kids: Know Its Social Networking Benefits

If you’re a parent, have your kids always been fighting with you because of a computer or a laptop? Do they disturb you while using your online Facebook account pushing you away and doing all to sit before the laptop.  Then they begin to log out your account and log in theirs.  Most of the time, both of you end up having a fight.  Worse, your child seems smarter than you are in using technology and Facebook.

Having a Facebook account for children is a big issue, and it’s getting harder and more complicated.  Based on the rules, a child who is below thirteen (13) years old is never permitted to create his or her own account.  Actually, making an account for someone who is thirteen below is definitely lying.  This thing has never been imposed and multitudes of children across the world can’t just be stopped working on this.  With or without their parents’ approval, they join and have fun logging in to this well-known social networking.

Creating an Account

There are lots of cases where parents or guardians do initiate the creation of a Facebook account for their kids.  The reason is they perceive many good opportunities to educate their sons and daughters.  They can train them about the proper and improper way of using social networking.

This is a good occasion that won’t be around the moment kids turn 13 years old and begin using Facebook for themselves.  There are, however, many parents that keep the password for themselves in order to control the unguarded exploring moments of their kids.

If you think you are confused whether or not to allow your child to have Facebook social networking, we got some few helpful guidelines about its benefits:

1.   Early learning development -- Most often, teens and students will take advantage of the social network to talk about school’s work, projects, and activities.  Sharing of thoughts and ideas that concerns homework is the biggest reason why they can allow their children to use Facebook.

2.   Ability to express what they know, feel, or understand -- A Facebook account contains a home page on the web—a page where children can communicate and express themselves independently.  They can also discuss about their activities and sort of interests. They can freely form and join a group and give support to fan pages.  They can find what other children of their age are interested in.

3.   Skills in social networking are developed -- Their Facebook account allows them to keep in touch with current, old, and new friends.  This is one of the fastest ways to introduce themselves to others and find additional friends.  Using it in the proper way, social networking experience will boost the child’s self-esteem and guide them not to experience loneliness.

4.   Enhanced digital capability -- Facebook pages will train up kids how to respond and give comments, upload images and videos, and navigate the website.  Having a great experience on-line will increase their social media skills which are very important elements in life as they grow up and mature.

As Internet, Technology and Facebook continue to influence children’s lives, parents can’t help but let their kids use it to their advantage.  Preparing them for new technology era is paramount to educating them how to develop friendliness, social living and computer know-how.

Facebook & Kids: Know Its Social Networking Benefits   is a post on  Modern Parenting Tips: Styles & Approach to Train & Discipline Children

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At September 5, 2012 at 12:01 AM , Blogger trishia hope said...

Consequently the downside of social apparatus or tools, like Facebook and MySpace are imparting too many ideas or information could turn into trouble or problem so impart only what are at ease with sharing. Keep in mind that you can manage what you impart.
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At September 27, 2012 at 6:28 AM , Anonymous redfox1939 said...

Facebook broadens our children's social circle in a way that wasn't quite possible before this technology. The two biggest aspects of this that I've noticed for my children are the ability to keep in touch with old friends and the opportunity to learn and practice their social skills.

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