July 5, 2011

Multi-Tasking Parents: How to Cope with Daily Pressures

Despite the modern generation, and the many latest innovations to make life easier and faster, stress remains troubling our lives, especially parents.  That’s why the term “multi-tasking” is commonly used and heard in every home.

Under many circumstances, parenting is truly stressful, more so when mothers or fathers always undergo pressures and anxieties.  You may have a child or five children, and you work outside or just stay at home.  All parents have 24/7 period to finish their jobs.  This multi-tasking process is very demanding and exhausting.

 Most mothers do the household chores like preparing meals, helping in homework, getting their children off to school, doing office work, and others.  The 24 hours can just go by and they're wondering why time is so fast.  Parents don’t seem to have accomplished anything.

Today is a very busy world; do something to keep yourself in balance.  Don’t just hurry around the entire day, with nothing to enjoy for yourself.  Here is what to do in your multi-tasking jobs:

Use a Daily Program and Keep It

1.   Using a day-to-day schedule and keeping it will help alleviate pressures.  A fixed schedule shows you’re a systematic parent in terms of running your life and your home.  Most of the household troubles come from disorganized tasks and stuffs inside the home.  The more things you handle every day, the more systematic and structured you should be.

2.   In setting up your schedule, make sure to incorporate all the activities you do daily.  These include meals, housework, bedtimes, and activities after school.  Make it a daily routine as much as possible. This schedule is good in handling multi-tasking jobs.

3.   Get up and go to bed regularly and at the same time.  Using a habitual waking up and sleeping time can definitely reduce stress.  It promotes peaceful sleep and it’s conducive to health. Studies show that children are healthier and tend to behave more when they get accustomed to certain habits.

Use Family Time Management

1.   Take time together.  Most parents do feel that 24 hours is not really enough for them.  Compared to the amount of time spent in simple cooking or pulling out board games, you use less time doing them than talking on your mobile phone, watching TV, playing videos, etc.  If both parents and children could take time together, it becomes a time to bond together and de-stress themselves.

2.   Know also your priorities.  Certainly, it is the family’s needs that should be given main concern. The busier you are, the more you should spend quality time with one another.  Once or twice a week is good enough. Why? Because doing so will help you cope with the daily hassles.

Very busy parents doing multi-tasking jobs deserve a quality break.  It recharges the mind, body and spirit.  If you’re a busy parent who gets annoyed all the time, then give yourself a good thing.  You deserve a good favor—take time to have a break and make fun.

Multi-Tasking Parents: How to Cope with Daily Pressures  is a post on  Modern Parenting Tips: Styles & Approach to Train & Discipline Children

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