August 25, 2011

Stressful Family? Learn the Keys to Successful Parenting on Children (Part 2)

Successful parenting on children has never been more significant to a family than this day.  Effective parenting forms the lives of the young people, and the way the coming generations will live is dependent on our parenting today.  We’ve learned from the past that poor parenting has always led families to much stress and confusions.  This is the most difficult job to work on.

Here is the continuation (part 2) of my article post on "Stressful Family? Learn the Keys to Successful Parenting on Children."

5.   Explain the importance of inner strength – Through constructive ways, guide them how to accept rejections, mistakes, and overcome failures - It is normal to fail and make mistakes, these things teach our kids inner strength and character.  Successful parenting helps children understand how to do THEIR best and not THE best.  It is necessary to learn lessons from every circumstance they may encounter in life—be it good or bad.

6.   Don’t give everything they want—This is one way to teach control over impulses.  As parents, we are sometimes guilty of doing this.  Tolerating this is hindering you to achieve successful parenting on children. Remember that instant gratification can’t form winning character on kids.   Instead allow these situations to help them realize that there certain limitations in everything.  They cannot get all things they want, explain in a loving manner.

7.   Place encouragement in positive views - When you motivate your children to do things especially in studies, teach your kids the importance of doing his best, instead of affirming the negative. "Study or you get punished"—this makes for a negative, short-term motivation.  Doing this is teaching your kid not to get the value of his future.  He will miss the real concept why there is a need to work hard on his studies.

8.   Teach them to be nice and helpful - Help the kids to appreciate what they have.  Teaching them to be kind and supportive makes a gentle spirit within.  Likewise, showing them to be thankful for whatever they get will produce a positive outlook. When kids see less fortunate people, tell them how blessed they are.  They are not in the same situation like others.  Successful parenting is done when children hear good things taught to them by their parents. 

9.   Involve your kids with the situation at hand (to a certain degree) - How you handle this will depend on the kids' age. Knowing the proper timing and manner how to say it is crucial. Are you having certain financial struggles? Serious marital problems such as divorce? While these are adult problems, it can be discussed with the kids to a right level. This gives them a concrete grip of reality. The key to successful parenting on children is to explain it in the least negative way.  It should not involve bitterness but rather optimism and acceptance.

Family is not meant to be a stressful life.  Today, there are a lot of guidelines online to help parents get effective family relationships.  Basically, successful parenting that deals with children involves much patience, love, and communications from parents.  The key is developing a close family relationship with children.  In the long run, they will come out as big winners in life!

Stressful Family? Learn the Keys to Successful Parenting on Children (Part 2)  is a post on Modern Parenting Tips: Styles & Approach to Train & Discipline Children

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