August 29, 2011

The Pressures and Stress of Modern Education System on Children

What would be the answer if a child is asked, “Why do you go to school?”  Most likely, his answer would be, "to study". Second, when he is asked why he studies, the answer could be, "to get high scores in tests." Is this how children view the modern education system now?

Nowadays, children advance much faster than their parents did, 20-30 years ago. Modern education system is able to give tons of information to children effortlessly.  This explains the wonder of faster development via technology.  This phenomenon is standard today and not to be viewed as giftedness.

 Now, this is the big question mark.  If education is only for memorizing words from the books and scoring high in exams then this could be the best option:  Just lock the students in the class room and tell them to scan the book for their brains.  It’s a good idea, isn't it?  No, because the main purpose of education is not just mind learning.   It’s knowing and doing what they learn in order to achieve suitable personality development.

Modern education system is not pouring out a bunch of information in a child’s brain.   It is showing him a knowledge box and asking him to extract the important data from it.  

How Children Suffer from Modern Education System

In this generation, the attitude of young students about education is changing.  Modern education system teaches children but puts on much pressure of passing the exams with 90+ marks.  The stress they get from teachers, parents and peers are incomparable.  It is even much harder for some children who can’t cope up with the daily lessons and activities in school.  Often, little children are deprived of the privileges of being kids like playing and having fun.  Later in life, they’ll get the pressures of securing jobs in this competitive world. 

Such fortune of students will be persisting for long if the present modern education system prevails.  This is true if young students don’t exactly understand the value of education.  And who is to blame for this, the parents, the modern education system, or something else?

The suicide committed by the students due to the pressures of failures in the exams is no longer a suicide.   It’s a murder and the murderer is related to education?  Probably, yes.  Even if you say that some students survive and win in rigid exams, people with such comments should look a bit ahead of their future.   They leave their country not satisfied with what they have learned.  So in all ways the system of education is has something to do with it.

Certainly there is an answer to this.  If we look for the successful secrets of the developed nations, there we can find resolutions.  USA is one of the leading powerful countries and peeping into their education system we find their perfect modern education system.  It doesn’t seek for just professionals.  The kids and students are open to pick their track and go for it.  It creates talented and high-class professionals.  


Modern education system is just the product of what the present technology offers our children.  This is where we are right now and it will improve further into higher system.  Children can always adjust to advanced education although to them it’s stressful.  Children are not to compete for high academic recognitions but to use modern education system in shaping their good traits and character.  Understanding why they need to go to school will lessen their pressures.

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